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About Us

Welcome to the tobyMac online store! While we love a good tshirt, and hope you do as well, this is not why we do what we do. We view merchandise as the physical extension of the powerful impact of music. Merchandise helps create life changing stories and conversations that would never happen otherwise. Incredible.

So who are we? We are a small group of people tobyMac has entrusted to handle the nitty, gritty details of his merchandise, and we do not take on that responsibility lightly. We call ourselves Company X and we love what we do. We are a team and no one is alone in this. But, for toby's online store you will most likely interact with these team members:

Danielle - If you have been to a tobyMac concert in the last 3+ years you have probably seen her running around like a crazy person. She works hand-in-hand with toby to make sure merchandise is the best it can be.

Katie - After spending three years running logistics and operations at a highly successful online store, Katie decided to support her husband in planting a church just outside of Nashville, along with raising their adorable son. We then convinced her to work for us part-time running the execution of the online store and we are thrilled!

Michael - As toby's warehouse person (& occasional road rep when Danielle convinces him), he make sure toby's merch gets where it needs to be and on-time. Nothing gets done without Michael, and for that we are so thankful.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us at, and we would love to help you! (And by we, we mean Katie).